Finding a new beginning.


After investing a lot of myself it’s time to admit failure.

I feel like a long term relationship is over, which essentially it is, but instead of it being a person it’s another love, my blog.

Years worth of arguments, plans, photos, and posts chronologically documenting what I had been cooking, eating, and putting my heart into are go.  Dramatic, perhaps a little, but who doesn’t love a little bit of drama?

Imagine my face after a little hiatus, logging into my beloved blog to find there was nothing there?

After a brief meltdown I remembered that I had been backing up my site.  Thank the higher powers that may be… all was not lost!  Crisis averted!

Ummm… think again!  Oh, you’ve been paying for us to backup your site for years… did we forget to tell you that your credit card expired, so we just deleted your site?  Sorry crazy lady, but your site was deleted!

Milk has been cried over, my heart was broken, but as with any broken heart it’s time to pick myself and let go of what happened.  I can’t change the results.  Obviously, this was not the blog for me, although I hate the idea I’ll remember the lessons I learned, and am going to start over.  So, welcome to Hungry Foodies new beginning!

We’ll need a little hand holding through the process as we post new recipes, and a few favorites that may look familiar from before.

P.S.  We still own our blog address…, but I’m having some issues (Suprise? – haha) getting things to work out with my hosting company.  Eventually this will all be transferred over.  Wish me luck!



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